Our Expertise

SHARK LABCHEM AN ISO 9001 : 2015 Certified COMPANY is a Gujarat based chemicals manufacturing company and a leading supplier of Laboratory chemicals, customized products and performance materials. We cater to the growing developmental and manufacturing needs of various sectors in the Chemical & Pharmaceutical industries.

Our product portfolio of more than 1000 products includes a wide range of Fine & Specialty Chemicals encompassing hosts of Inorganic salts, HPLC grade solids and solvents, Pharmacopeia Grade Solvents, GC grade solvents & GC Standards, Ion-pairing reagents, electronic grade products, Research Chemicals and reagents etc.

Innovation at heart

Shark Labchem believes in innovative solutions that serve a bigger purpose. Our team of experts strives to disrupt the industry by innovating unique & sustainable solutions that can easily solve bigger problems.

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